Vaccine Efficacy Calculator 
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The Inputs
The Calculations

67.6% of the population of 100000 are vaccinated, i.e. 67600 are vaccinated.

11.6% of the 14.8 deaths were vaccinated, i.e. 1.7168 vaccinated patients died.

The likelihood of a vaccinated person dying is 1.7168/67600, i.e. 1 in 39376.

32.4% of the population of 100000 are unvaccinated, i.e. 32400 are not vaccinated.

88.4% of the 14.8 deaths were not vaccinated, i.e. 13.08 deaths were unvaccinated.

The likelihood of an unvaccinated person dying is 13.08/32400, i.e. 1 in 2476.5.

Thus, an unvaccinated person is 39376/2476.5 = 15.9 times more likely to die.
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